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Rupal (Pinto) Gupta, MD, FAAP

I officially started this blog at a hair short of 27 weeks pregnancy. I had meant to blog for several years, but residency and pediatric board studying made that a challenge. After passing my pediatric boards, starting part-time work as a community physician in Philadelphia, and embarking on the journey of motherhood, I suddenly found myself with the time that I wanted to write, to read, to learn about the future of BABY, and to prepare our home for our new addition.

Building a family is something I looked forward to all my life. Like every other step in life, parenthood poses unique challenges. I know that many pediatricians are parents, but it did feel special to go through that transition myself. For that reason, I started doc2mom.com.

I have been giving advice to families about how to raise and treat children now for almost ten years. Maybe the “Dadima” in me (the Hindi word for grandmother, but also a word my uncle used for me to say I was a bossy know-it-all) destined me for pediatrics.  But the mom in me has made me an ever-more-sympathetic doc.  It’s tough raising kids and making decisions that will keep them safe, and then letting them go out into the world to do for themselves.

But just as I acknowledge being more prepared than I expected, I continue to look forward to the surprises that may change my practice as a pediatrician. Hope you enjoy my musing. I look forward to sharing various tidbits of my scattered brain with you all.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. oh, i am so happy i discovered this blog!
    so nice to read your entries! will read more later, working now..
    all i can say is, du schaffst es!!! but it is a jungle out there, advice, gadgets etc, and hard to decide what to do or pick. but remember you will be the best parents your little one could ever ask for!

  2. I think we met at Cildren’s in Pittsburgh while my son Brady was fighting Lymphoma. He was a patient there during 2005 and 2006. You were such a help to our family. I just wanted to see how your life was going!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I remember working with Brady and it really means the world to me to hear that. I was really young in my career as a student and very unsure. Now having seen many children going through cancer treatment — and now having my own children — I really think deeply about what parents like you go through. I would love to reach out and send you my regards if that is all right with you! I hope Brady is well!

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