What healed my daughter’s eczema

Just a short little ditty here because I have another post planned but now that my daughter’s skin is [practically] pristine, I want to share some of the things we have learned:

1) Her skin is very sensitive to heat and sun – almost immediately with sun exposure or being in a very hot environment, R will get a heat rash, including red bumps on her cheeks and arms.   Cooling her down helps this rash calm very quickly.

2) Her eczema otherwise required simply the tincture of time to improve.  Interventions we used consistently, including frequent bathing, oatmeal baths, and thick emollients helped her skin heal, but it still had a bit of a rough, dry texture to it. Enter (once again) ceramide-containing creams.  These made a huge difference in turning the dry “eczematous” skin to smooth baby-soft skin. While her skin was very rashy with bad eczema the cream had made little difference, but after it was healed and simply in a dry phase, infusing her skin with ceramide definitely worked.

3) Traveling to Vancouver also healed my daughter’s skin – I attribute this to the temperate climate with fewer allergens and less humidity, but to be frank I do not have a truly good explanation about what worked about the journey. All I know is: Being there worked wonders for her.

4) Cutting nails short short short is still key for her – whenever I leave them long she scratches and it starts a new healing process for her, so I would still not underestimate this intervention! It really works!

5) It looks like food allergies were not really at play for her in terms of skin health, though for digestive health food restrictions (such as eliminating dairy and eggs) have really helped her.

6) Other things that we did that probably made no difference? Changing clothes detergents, changing soaps (though we do this in general because her skin is dry), selenium sulfide preparations.

Just a few thoughts on her eczema this evening. Cheers and happy fall!

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  1. I noticed that you were actively paying attention to the environment around your daughter that made a big difference.

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