How time flies – Two years with my little one.

A hair less than two years ago I met the little love of my life, the little man who has made me a mom and who has made me a better pediatrician by being – all within the first few hours of his life – my biggest fan and my toughest critic. While at times he can seem needlessly demanding he is always infinitely giving, and not a day goes by when I do not thank my lucky stars that he came into my life.  Little L, I love you more than I can say and as you snooze for the precious few hours you will tonight, I only wish I could give you the world and more.


These past several weeks have been busy to say the least – with the  holidays and family travels consuming a big chunk of our time – and a busy work schedule, I’ve been neglecting this pet project. But there was lots to do – birthday plannign for a little weekend away we just had, finishing last minute Christmas cards and presnets, trying to keep the house clean and [gulp] organize the kitchen now that the new year has started. While I am not proud of my lack of Internet presence, I am glad that the house is relatively put together and that I’ve managed to read a book. My newest projects?  Cooking lots of stuff like roast chicken and learning how to sharpen my kitchen cutlery . . . which is less challenging than one would think but is more challenging than I thought. But that’s the fun of a challenge.

Ok, time to get back to some reading before the evening is over, but ah it is nice being a mom today.