Identity Crisis

Late at night, woke up to greet my husband coming home from a long business trip (and longer commute to and from). About to head back to sleep and I’m contemplating the “identity crisis” I’ve been having regarding my website name. I’m now torn between the current name “” and the newer “” that I just purchased . . Guess they can both point to the current site for now and I can test out which one sticks.

In other news nothing much as changed as much as my little L seems to be changing. Now he says “Yes, Please” (yesh pleezh) and urgently tells me to read him everything, knowing fullwell that I have to understand what he’s telling me. I can sometimes leave him alone but not always; he managed to knock down a cup of water that was sitting dangerously close to T’s ipad today. Fortunately, I caught him as he was mid-pour, and I got that iPad outta there! L still runs from couch to couch to chair pounding excitedly and exclaiming “Walrus!” and my favorite new discovery today: while talking to his Buaji, L utiliized one of his favorite new phrases: “I love you.” Of course, he can’t really say it all, but he improvises:

Me: L . . say, ‘I love you.’ Ok? I . . .
L: I
Me: Love . .
L: YOU! (exclaimed, punctuated, short and sweet and excited)

He just can’t say the “love.” The letter L isn’t that easy for toddlers to say . .maybe I should have thought twice before giving him his name, but he knows he has trouble with saying “love” so he mutters it when he is repeating. Like when I give him phrases to repeat he looks at me and smiles and whispers whatever it is. Superfun, though a little hard to share on the phone as the recipient on the other end knows something is being said, only isn’t quite sure what it is.

Anyway, in the process of saying “I love you” to his Buaji and giving her an Uma (or in other words, kissing her by slobbering on the IPad screen), he came up with a game characterized by he and she excitedly pointing at the screen back and forth saying “You!” and thrashing the arms in a crazy frenzy. Pretty exciting to Buaji, and also to the little one.

Ok, time to go back to sleep for my second stretch of the evening!