Running around in circles

I’ll give you a few situations that remind me why being a new parent was the best weight loss plan in the world.

1. If you eat a full meal, consider yourself lucky. My meal the other day was chock full of leftover vegetables (microwaved thank you) and a salad (quickest fresh meal to prepare) and thus took less than ten minutes to prepare. L got the Rajma and rice and yogurt, and miraculously he ate some new things like polenta . . but he got the majority of the attention and I only ate to the point at which he wanted OUT of the chair!

2. Once baby is out of the chair it is a chasing match – to change his diaper, to get him not to put his hand in the trash can, or the toilet, or his bottom, or his nose, or into the dishwasher door, or wherever else he wants to wander off to.

3. If you have time to eat dessert, consider yourself a lottery winner. – The night I was having with my son ended with me polishing off a tiny slice of remaining banana cream pie, no I’m not going to share it with you. But mind you, this was at 10pm, 1 hour after I put L to sleep . . my evening after a 6:30pm dinner went as follows:

  1. Clean up the mess on the floor since L spilled his water and above-mentioned foods all over it.
  2. Read L 2-3 books about 5 times each.
  3. Go back to cleaning kitchen.
  4. Check email, answer phone from my parents.
  5. Get L ready for bed. Allow him to nurse.
  6. L climbs all over the bed and runs around the room in circles, playing a game where he thwaps the bed hard and yells “Dah” and wants to read “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?” about a thousand times in a row. “Reeee!! Ree!!!!!,” he cries, and when the book opens: “Pot-zzzzzz!!” (spots on the Leopard) and “Waaaaah-resss Waaahresssss” (Walrus). “Meh Meh Meh!!” (More more more!)
  7. And suddenly, L spews. Milk is dribbling along with a little bit of dinner. Bleh.
  8. Run L to the sink and allow him to spew there. Phew, not too much lost.
  9. Clean him up and change him.
  10. Then L wants to sit on his potty and read more (it’s 9pm at this point). Ok, L, be my guest, but at least take your diaper off first.
  11. Diaper, dry as a bone (!), comes off, and L pees in the potty as I read “The Going to Bed Book” 4 times.  L Pees, miraculously, in the baby potty, without his diaper.  Another victory for “EC” Wow that is cool. I really think he is slightly interested in potty training as he now asks to go to the bathroom sometime. Could there be a day in the distant future when he discontinues his dearly chosen cloth diapers??
  12. L wants to run around more.
  13. Ok, I think, and I rapidly go through the house trying to clean up dishes, pick up stuff, put laundry in the wash so that I can be prepared in case I fall asleep while putting him to sleep. I set the alarm and we lay him down and he is asleep after a quick nurse.
  14. 9:30 p.m. – time to do a little net catch-up!!  10:30 pm: time for bed.

So at the end of this whole situation I managed to do a little bit of finishing up videos this week . . which includes Part II of Sippies Side by Side. Video forthcoming!!!