Movies revisited

With the new release “What to Expect . . . ” coming out in theaters soon, it seems only fitting that Entertainment Weekly has paid a little homage to films about pregnancy and motherhood – like the brilliant Juno, which authors of the most recent EW issue recommend that you see.

Now that I’m a mom, there are lots of films I’d love to revisit that were not mentioned. Many of these were films I saw as a child, but I imagine that now that I’m a new mom, they’d probably take on entirely new level of hilarity. Had I not been a mother yet, I certainly would not be able to appreciate the family-friendly and true-to-life antics of Chris and Reagan on Up All Night , from the search for the perfect mom-mobile to the plight of parents’ watching TV shows apart from one another (and hiding the fact) to trying to get a night out together.

And being a ‘child of the eighties’ – or some variant thereof, I should say, I would love to take a second look at Look Who’s Talking (both one and two), Three Men and a Baby, and Parenthood for starters. Despite my desire to see these movies RIGHT NOW, I imagine it would possibly be best to wait on Parenthood until L is a teenager, just to get the full effect of the range of parental experience shown in that film.

What shows and films would you like to see revisited?