I can hardly believe how quickly the weeks are passing now; just think how I will feel one, two, five years from now and how much little L will have grown. some of you have been fortunate enough to witness with me L’s new talents including: dancing on command, throwing objects on the ground, escaping his “cage” – a few big metal baby gates strewn through our condo – and going to the kitchen to purloin bottles of corn syrup and tubs of brown sugar and flour. My best efforts at babyproofing have been thwarted when I see him inexplicably holding a bottle of cream or a tube of toothpaste. How did it get there? I ask myself. How did his shoes end up at the other side of the room and how did that box of tissues end up empty. Of course the answer is clear; it’s just amazing how quickly he has gone from having little random wanderings to have the clear intention to do what he wants to do.

His speech is also increasing exponentially. He continues to wake up in the morning with a perky “Ma ma!!” He says a lovely “Moh” and “Moo,” and the other day when I was reading him “Time for Bed” he amazed me with his abilities to mimic. I’d say “Bzzz” for bees and he would give me raspberries. The question “What does a doggie do” gets the response “Bow Wow” (or “ooohoooh” in L’s words).

He manages to go to the toilet at least once a day, often doing number one but also getting number two out. I still don’t call it potty training but I am considering getting him some cloth diaper trainers. Any one have any experience with these?

As far as his meager solid food intake goes –he still eats like a bird– I finally got absolutely fed up with pumping, especially knowing how L likes milk straight from the tap anyway, so he has now transitioned to, yes, whole organic milk during the daytime, but he still nurses pretty heavily at night. Many days I still end up picking him up from school and he hasn’t had a drop of his milk, but at least we will keep trying. At least he likes his dairy in many forms: milk, yogurt, cheese, and yes, ice cream.

And Finally, I have a really nice resource for Dr. Moms: It is Dr. MILK – Mothers Interested in Lactation Knowledge, put together by a physician-mother who, in her efforts to breastfeed successfully, decided to help other mothers and became a lactation consultant. Her facebook page is a fantastic resource and her website I think will offer me some great connections. I love aiding women in my clinic in breastfeeding successfully . . . maybe I should look into getting board certified as a lactation consultant as well!