Still snotty and spitty-uppy

Well, being a Dr. Mom flies out the window when it’s your own kid. I’ve said it time and time again, but this mommy’s brain turns to pulp when trying to treat my little one.  Here he cries again. I’ve changed his clothes (and mine) no fewer than five times today and had to do a ton of loads of laundry . . . Again. So much coughing and vomiting, so little food tolerated. Here I am trying to keep track of his diapers, keep him hydrated but to balance feeding him enough to keep him from crying with feeding him to satiety, at which point he promptly spits up EVERYTHING.

Sigh. I hate it when he is sick and this stomach virus has proven to be his worst illness yet, reminding me of the words I used to tell myself to get through residency days: No matter how bad I feel or what kind of a day I have had, it can never match the sorrows or challenges faced by my patients and the families I treat. And all little L has is a virus! Such a “small” thing in the grand scheme of things and already heartache hits me to see the tears in his eyes and to hear his wailing. To anyone with sick children now my heart and prayers go out to you! Goodness knows I thank all of you for your wishes for L!