Preliminary Review: Land’s End Do-It-All Diaper Bag

A quick post before I turn in this evening. After MUCH waiting I felt fortunate to receive our diaper bag in the mail. Here is my initial impression of the Land’s End Do-It-All Diaper bag (Retails for US$ 39.50).

Mine came monogrammed ($6), so to me probably not returnable, and given the waiting time of about 2 weeks to get the bag, I was really hoping for this one to fit the bill. I think that it will work.  As you can see, at first glance, this bag doesn’t look too different size-wise compared to the Skip Hop Dash Deluxe.

But after a cursory examination . . .wow!  In other words, once you simply open the main zipper to reveal the interior, you get a very different picture.  The Dr. Mom in me has gotta love that it opens like a doctor’s bag (I have yet to own a doctor’s bag BTW, so this is the closest I think I’m going to get!)

Just check out that interior!  Loads of mesh pockets and zippered pockets, as well as a clear black insertable zipper bag.  The material is 100% polyester and is NOT machine washable; it is considered wipe clean, which is a disadvantage but I have not had to wash my Skip Hop diaper bag before . . so I don’t expect to have much trouble with the Land’s End.  Just check out all the pockets in front!  The zipper pocket folds up to reveal two vertical velcroed pockets which can fit mommy items such as glasses or a cell phone. Or medicines or pacifiers, etc.  And there are two elasticized bottle pockets on the outside.

Generally no frills, like no insulated bottle pocket, and the zipper styles and materials are simple denier polyester. But great functionality and workmanship for the $40 price tag! And Monogramming for another $5. Not bad! And look, it comes with a nice soft changing pad, nicely sized though not as big as my favorite changing pad: the Skip Hop Pronto. But check out the hand zipper pocket at the top of the changing pad! Just big enough to fit a disposable diaper when I’m on the run at the airport!

And here are a few more views of the Interior.  So nice and roomy, should be great for my cloth diapers and it has those lovely side pockets to hold lots of clothes and toys and books! I haven’t filled up the bag yet but I’m looking forward to it.

And I love that top nice long zipper, so that when I close it filled with all of L’s goodies, hopefully it all won’t come falling out at random, as happens with the flap closure on my Skip Hop Dash Deluxe.  This will be paramount for traveling in the muddy streets of India next month!

I’ve heard say on various review boards that the workmanship of the Do-It-All Diaper Bag is not what it was ten years ago, but this is all I have to work with and it’s all that Land’s End makes now, so might as well go with it.  It’s definitely not got the luxurious fabrics and detailing of your Petunia Pickle Bottom and JuJuBe, but I just wasn’t willing to pay designer prices for my baby’s diaper bag.  The Baby Bargains Book gives this bag a top rating and you can’t beat it for the price! I don’t regret returning the super-cute JuJuBe bags at all.  This one feels just big enough yet it is collapsible enough to turn into a small bag at will. I’m looking forward to using it!

Night night!