He Walks

And mommy misses it! Seriously, What do I get for my troubles of holding the little tyke’s hands and prancing around the rooms of the house?  I miss his first steps!!  We were all together on New Year’s weekend and his Aunt and an Auntie were coaxing little L into his first steps . . of course he was excited and enjoying himself while grandma sang karaoke, and mommy took a little break to take her own brother outside to take some photographs of him for his work application. No sooner had we left for about a 2-minute photo shoot when we heard my mother squealing for us to come in, and by the time we came in my mom was running around the house exclaiming, “He took his first steps!  He took his first steps!! Not holding onto anything!!” and I am thinking WHAT?  I missed this?  I’ve caught absolutely everything and held my tongue whenever people say that he’s doing X or Y for the first time in their presence . . . but no.  I missed the first steps.  And they have not yet been reprised, although little L is able to teeter and hold himself up for several seconds, almost a minute at a time at times, and he can even stoop and recover at times. It’s a cool thing to witness and usually involves some sort of “magic feather.”  He is used to holding onto objects to help stand up, but if you give him a toy or a bottle or something he sometimes holds onto it as if it is supporting him, and he is able to weeble-wobble with the object in his hand and then eventually falls.  But without the object in hand he rarely will stand up by himself without support.  Really reminds me of “Dumbo!”

In other news we had a fantastic Xmas and New Year’s . . truly amazing times with so many great family members. L’s first Christmas was a bit perplexing for him. He really had no idea what was going on when he went to open presents, and ripping paper seemed to be the furthest thing from his mind.  But he really likes the toys he got. He likes jamming to the piano, smushing wooden blocks into their block holder . . . pushing around cars.  So simple are the pleasures of a little one!!

And thirdly I came to some “bag” decisions but unfortunately was ultimately let down.  Despite my quest to find bag measurements and get one bigger than my Skip Hop, ultimately it seems like it’s going to be hard to get a bag of the size I want. They’re either too big or too small. I settled for the JuJuBe bags and tried the Be Prepared and the BFF but the former is too big and the latter is too small. I like the construction of the bags but sadly, they are not perfect. Maybe the Be Spicy?  But I basically need something that is good and is definitely bigger than my Dash Deluxe . . but not too big.  Alas. Back to the drawing board and the bags to back to the shop!