A glut of Gastroenteritis

FYI, little L has come down with another little fever and vomiting. This one has been going around daycare for the past week or so. I have spent the past two nights comforting him and cleaning the bedsheets, floors, and my clothes of all the vomited-up milk. It’s only a matter of time before the diapers get affected by the situation. Yes, it is the time for the season of gastroenteritis. Isn’t it always?

What is gastroenteritis? It is doctor-speak for a diarrhea and vomiting illness, usually caused by a virus. In this case, the local departments of health have found Norovirus to be the culprit. If you are concerned your child might have a vomiting-diarrhea illness, keep them at home and make sure your child stays hydrated (drinking lots, eating, making >3 wet diapers a day, having nice pink skin) and check for signs of dehydration (drinking or eating very little, <3 wet diapers a day, dry looking skin, sunken eyes, lack of tears, sunken soft spot, decreased energy). If signs of dehydration are making themselves evident, consider a visit to the emergency room because your child may need to have help staying hydrated.  Also, everyone make sure to wash your hands and wash your children’ hands!

For more information about Norovirus in the Philadelphia area, please see this Health Advisory from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.