Seriously, two weeks?

Well, just as every other post is preceded by my apologies, so goes this post. Believe you me, Little L has become an incredibly busy beaver. . . er. . .monkey.  In the short span of a few weeks he has gone from taking teetering steps holding my hands with all his might to scurrying around the room, barely holding walls, and interacting with us to no end. He copies things we say and responds when we say “Hi” and when he says “Mama” he is talking to me . .  . well, most of the time anyway. It’s amazing to hear and see things go from the nonspecific to the specific.  First the sounds are just there to point out any old thing and suddenly the “Hayayayyyy” and “HEEEyy” are directed at people with a point of the index finger. It’s truly amazing to see.  And whereas he used to really put a lot of weight on us and pull down by both arms, he now barely holds on.

One of the cutest things over this holiday season was seeing L crawl with the best of them. His silly strange limpy crawl which we so loved apparently was only to last approximately two weeks and is now all but gone. He crawls much more evenly now and does it with purpose, in which he tries to get across a room to a goal item (e.g. a toy or phone or cord-he-is-not-supposed-to-have or otherwise similar item) and then he tries to stand.  How cute is it to see him with one toy in hand which he simply does not want to let go of as he moves on to his next goal? So he holds onto that toy with all his awkward might in one hand and then tries to crawl. This act is of course easier said than done, it’s a little hard for even the best of movers to hold a ball in one hand and then crawl on all fours at the same time. Can’t say I’m too good at that either.  So it is so much fun to see L attempt this trick!

These past two holiday weekends he spent time getting to know his uncles’ and aunts’ pets, including a cat and a dog.  Seeing him interact with these creatures is truly amazing, and I am grateful that these pets are quite people-friendly. It was still a little nerve-wracking for us and we definitely would not leave any child, especially a small one, alone with an animal, it helped us to have him interact with them. He first approached the dog with a tentative interest, reachign forward with his index finger once again, but this time tryign this hardest to stick his finger into the dog’s nostril or mouth.  Not these orifices, please, Little L. We tried our best to redirect his interest to the pup’s coat, to no avail. But the dog was so nice, aside from excitedly jumping up a few times in confusion, the little French Bulldog did a wonderful job of accepting treats, focusing on sniffing, and refraining from barking.  The unfortunate consequence is that L became much more screechy and confident, so I hope that at this point our little bulldog friend isn’t too scared of L yet. We’re hoping that L’s relationships with his animal companions blossoms into friendship in the coming years!

Unfortunately in other news the biting has returned, as it seems to every few months. We attribute this little hiccup to more teething. . .he has a ways to go before all teeth come in, as currently he has four top teeth and two bottom teeth.

So now to recover and get a little closer back to reality. The influx of photos and video are currently overwhelming my squirming little compy.  It is mad at me and is now running slower, so I must come to its rescue and move the offending files.  Good night all!