Eees, Heys, and Ba ba ba baaaas

It’s a sad thing when the McRib remains the front page of one’s blog for weeks on end.  Haven’t had a “McRib” since that time but did have one more excursion to a McDonald’s on a sunny Sunday morning when little L was with his grandparents and T and I were venturing out into the wild blue yonder. T cracked up because I asked the McDonald’s lady for recommendations whether to get the fried or the grilled chicken sandwich. The verdict was grilled, and it worked out.

That day, T and I were on a mission to go house hunting.  Yes, house hunting.  Can’t think of selling the condo in this economy, but if we can find a reasonable deal on a hosue within the next year, it will be glod for all of our sanity – especially to help deal with the long commute both T and I now have to and from work.  And well, me, I’ve been craving a yard for little L. We have a nice area to walk these days, where L and I went this afternoon, climbing on the new sculptures around the Riverfront Walk. But it’s all a bit stark and I’d love to have a nearby playground.

The little one needs space to move! L has been developing at an accelerated pace during these past few weeks.  He stands, holding on, with grace and climbed all around me as I began typing this post this morning.  He had his little hands grasped to my sweatpants and was is jumping up and down, holding the chair.  His hair, thick and with huge new-bangs, covered his face despite my trials at hairclips, velcro hair stays, head bands . . nothing worked. He was also making his best effort to open the drawers of the desk at which I am sitting now. Fortunately he has not yet figured how to open them.  The house is generally “ok” but is truly thoroughly disorganized, with the large pile that frequently accumulates in our bedroom finally reaching mountainous proportions.  We try to keep other parts of the house comparatively neat, but with lots of papers, new stuff, and summer clothes with no place to go . . . well, it all goes awry. Not great in terms of our ‘babyproofing’ aspirations.

But I am truly amazed at my little one.  The bababas coming out of his mouth like babbling brooks, the drool hanging down from his lips al the way to the floor.  It is truly amazing. Yesterday he was so interactive with some one year olds which he saw at a local restaurant. The minute he noticed a pair of twin 16-month-old boys, our little one squealed in joy, smiled and waved a floppy hand out to them. They smiled happily, but L was the one to babble and babble. So often he is the quiet one just looking around, but he has recently taken it upon himself to talk and talk with us.  He suddenly seems so much more independent.  Suddenly his foot fits well into his mouth while he is squirming on the changing table. Suddenly he just wants to swing with his hands back and forth like an monkey and I don’t have to do nearly as much as I did before. He does more of the work now and can entertain himself . .well, at least a little bit. Now when I grab his hands to walk I don’t get as much pain in my back.  He’s just that much taller, which permits the two of us to move slightly mroe gracefully.

We’ve had some slight casualties through this.  A favorite giraffe that was given by my cousin and his wife – yes G, it is the very Sophie you gave – has gone missing, and I have been so saddened and think we will have to get another Sophie.  Too awful.  But I don’t know how it happens, and truly I don’t know where it could be.  I’m sure that Sophie went iwth us one day to a park or to somewhere and casually fell out, and we in our zeal to move and move suddenly missed it.  It happened again the other day when we lost a lovely sippy holder grip and a baby einstein music machine.  These are all small things in the long run, but toys we’ve had for little L since he was born.  It’s a strange thing to suddenly be without them. Soon he will be <sigh> one year old. Already!  And he only just became my little infant!

Christmas and the holidays have also taken us by storm, and how thankful am I to be finished (I think) with Christmas shopping. There are the few odd incredibly intense DIY gifts that are pending, including one that is giving me particular pains . . but I better not go into it lest the recipient be reading this post!  But things went ok today. I think I am getting close to completing it, and then all I have to do is keep the house straight for a few days.

So this was all to be quite rambly, but that is how life is these days.  Many, MANY things to do but only tiny bits of time to address them all. Work has gotten terrifically busy as various people are taking leave during the holidays. Working two days a week at each center makes me very busy during each day.  My first day at each center is my “Monday” where I have to catch up with everything, and my second day at each center is my “Friday” where I have to clean up everything!  But it is always kind of fun to be able to ask people how the weekend was and then go straight to next weekend’s plans.  The time really passes quickly!!

Ok, time to wrap up tonight’s work and hopefully head to sleep soon. Good night all!