The story of my first McRib

Just ordered my first McRib ever at McDonald’s today. It was a pretty pathetic sight.  Just goes to show that I haven’t frequented the establishment in a very LONG time.

The minute I stepped into the franchise and looked at the menu, all I could think of is “I want to eat everything, EVERYTHING I see.” Oh the power of McDonald’s.  I see how hard it is for parents who come to this kind of place every day. The prices are so low and the options are so many, and now they don’t even just have the burgers and fries and chicken nuggets and apple pies they used to have when I was a kid, they have a McCafe with all kinds of stuff, sweet teas, salads, snack wraps, not just a burger, cheeseburger or a quarter pounder with cheese, they have third pounder with Angus, just WAAY too many options. And the elusive McRib which I have never tried before.  And not a single calorie count to be seen.

I think that the girl taking my order thought I was a total idiot.  I fumbled while ordering and ended up getting an extra value meal so that T and I could each get a McRib, and mine would only be a dollar extra.  In the picture it looked harmless enough: a McRib sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and some fries sticking out at the side of the picture.

“Medium or Large?” she asked.

Medium or large? I didn’t think that was an option. I had ordered the extra value meal.  So I had to ask her exactly what constituted a medium versus large meal and she informed me that in a medium the coke and fries would be a medium.  “OOOhhhh,”  I said.  Sheepishly I continued, “Sorry, it’s been awhile since I’ve been around here.”  Don’t know why I felt sorry, but I truly felt clueless.  So I chose the medium and thought all was done.  I’m not a soda drinker so I was next confused about whether the soda would be the Dr. Pepper in the picture or if I could pick any soda I chose.  Was the Dr. Pepper the only option?  Did the chefs at McDonald’s corporation identify that Dr. Pepper was the ideal beverage to be had with a McRib?  I could only guess, but I was afraid to ask.  I paid and she asked my name so that I could be called with my order, and she wrote it on a receipt that she put on the counter.  Again I fumbled.  “Do I take the receipt or do I leave it with you?” I asked. I don’t know if she heard me so I took the receipt and ran off to the side.

I took the cup and went to the soda machine and filled up with T’s favorite, “Diet Coke and Light Ice.”  Then the lady called me and said “McRib and McFlurry.”  But her McFlurry had Reeses pieces on it, not Oreos as I had ordered.  I faltered. That order couldn’t be mine!! . . could it??

There were only about 2 other people in line waiting for orders.

I held up my receipt and said that I wasn’t sure if it was mine because I had ordered Oreos.  She grabbed my receipt, swept off to the ice cream machine and remade the McFlurry and came back, thrust the bag into my hands and off I was, headed home, ruminating about everything that had happened.  Oh how a lifetime can pass within a few minutes time.  So I rushed home, chomping on a few fries . . McDonald’s fries, it has been a long time! And once home, I made my plate.

Yes, that is a beet, rainbow chard, and avocado salad topped with goat cheese sitting next to the McRib and fries with Hot mustard sauce. T says that by adding the salad I ruined my McRib.

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