Wants to bake

Last night I managed to get onto the Interweb and peruse a few websites, which I rarely get to do these days given how busy things are at home keeping up with the daily work for Mr. L and going through all of life’s transitions, workwise and otherwise. In my heart of hearts I’m a total Internet junkie and during this web run I was so energized to see some of the things that one of my medical school classmates is up to – he also has a son just L’s age and is cooking up a storm; he was recently quoted in Food and Wine through an online post and he posts up recipes at food52.com, which I was fortunate enough to discover last night. That began my journey into culinary wonderland. T and I are on a serious health kick, and when we’re not kicking it healthwise we are cheating majorly at restaurants. Wouldn’t it be better to cheat at home with recipes like this one? Oh, were doc2mom to do a few summers over again, she would willingly attend culinary school to become a pastry chef.  Much to the chagrin of her arteries. Ok, time for work!