Sound effects

Little L has morphed his mouth into new shapes and sizes these past several weeks. The newest sound? Na. As in Nana, naaaa, nanananananaa. This all happened a few weeks ago. Personally, it fits well into my personal running joke that he will never say Mama. Sure, he says “Dada” with reckless abandon, though I can’t quite figure out if he’s referring to his daddy or not. “Mum,” or some variation of it, he’s said the odd time – I think in reference to food. “mmmm . . .Mummmm. . .MUUUMumumUMMMM!”  As in, “Mum mum . . give me mum mum . .give me MUM MUM!!”

Where’s the love? All I want is a simple “Mama” and have him take a longing look at me. Of course, he is showing his love for his mama in so many other ways: by reaching out to me, by looking me quizzically when I place him in another person’s arms. “How should I react to this, mom,” he says. “Is this person to be trusted?” And my least favorite way in which he expresses himself as follows: “WAAAAAA!!!” Which has become all the more urgent since he has begun to have a more true form of separation anxiety.

I can’t stand to hear the munchkin cry. Now when he goes to daycare, his dad tells me that he stretches his arms out for his daddy and wails.  Boy does it feel nice to be needed by a baby but in these scenarios it is completely heartbreaking. And the only way to get through it quickly and painlessly is to give a kiss, wave a quick goodbye, smile hopefully, and get the heck out of there.  Do not pass go; do not collect $200.  If you spend a second more you may never make it out the door to go to work, you’ll be just THAT enraptured and magnetized by your little baby’s desire for mommy dearest.

For me, it made me realize what an utter and total wimp I am when faced with the wants of my children. What was it like for you going through these experiences?