Five discoveries from this morning

This morning L and I were relaxing in his room and folding some laundry. Three thoughts came to me during my efforts:

  1. Onesie extenders are awesome. They allow me to stretch the life of my favorite onesies and really help fit L’s skinny frame with humongous cloth diapered bum! I love these ones from Etsy. The only downside is that I wish that each listed the clothing brands with which they are compatible. They come in sets of three with different sizes, and I find myself only being able to use a few of the extenders each time.
  2. Buying any article of clothing which requires ironing is just plain not worth it.  Oh, you cute cotton collared shirts, tempting me so and then warping into wrinkly messes when you are out of the dryer, my little one will be able to wear you only rarely.
  3. Folding laundry entertains kids well. I doubt this qualifies as an actual discovery,  but it never ceases to amaze me that I can keep little L occupied so well when I am trying to do some work.
  4. Nothing works for everyone, and it certainly doesn’t work the way you expect it to. Like I really wanted to like those baby “gowns” but they just weren’t that great for us. And I avoided like the plague (and didn’t expect to love) bottle racks, but now I have two and I use them EVERY DAY. And yes, cloth diapering isn’t for everyone (though it IS for me). And finally, L loves his Jumperoo, but he doesn’t like jumping in it as much as he likes climbing up the side poles and holding onto the jumper part. He kind of swings around like a monkey on it and shakes the jumper so the music plays. I’m waiting for the accident to happen, and always sit there by him with my heart in my mouth and my hands out and ready for anything!
  5. My parents and Indian relatives are not practicing wishful thinking when they say “Sssss” whenever L is on his changer at diaper changing time. No, they aren’t trying to potty train him early.  I have since learned that this is all part of a technique that is described in our Western World as “elimination communication” and boy am I excited to try it. I love my cloth, don’t get me wrong. But I hope I don’t have to continue diapering the tyke till he is three years old. More on “EC” later.