Fun with Knocking things over!

Well, the past several weeks have kept my family extremely busy. With lots of people visiting from across the world and a beach trip, an earthquake, and a hurricane, I definitely haven’t been able to get to this lovely blog and attempt to entertain with my stories and musings. Little L lies asleep next to me while morning pumping resumes. Having a full week free without pumping responsibilities kept me so joyfully free; I wasn’t sure how L would react to going back to the bottle and daycare. But he was just fine. During the interim days with a bottle here or there he took it well. But on Tuesday he had to start with some of his frozen supply, into which we have rarely had to dip. And in my memory he hasn’t liked the frozen stuff too much, certainly not compared to the fresh at least.

Turns out he didn’t detest the milk as much as I thought he would.  He drank up most of it, so I think we are in the clear in terms of at least starting to use some of the frozen stuff on Tuesdays.  That way I don’t really have to pump on the weekends, which will make a nice respite.

Some nights absolutely exhausted me, though. It was one of those times when Lakshman absolutely refused to go to sleep, despite how tired he was.  He had last napped very briefly in the car in the early afternoon, then for most of the evening his crankiness and drooping eyelids led me to believe he was sleepy, yet he just plain wouldn’t sleep. It didn’t help that my day at work had stressed me particularly, and we had just gone through a very good but tiring workout routine with the trainer. Barely had I showered and was getting some salads ready for dinner when he started wailing tears. My lovely, supportive T had my back, however, but for all the 15-30 minute spurts I left them alone together, our little baby would wail and wail, refuse to play.  I even had to eat dinner in two different sittings in order to complete my meal. In the end I found myself in the rocker, baby asleep nuzzled against me. And it didn’t take but a second for him to start wailing again when I lifted him up to put him in the bed.  Thankfully he went right back to sleep.

Nevertheless, many cute times accompany  the trying ones. Five days ago L began waving.  Initially I didn’t perceive the waving to have any purpose, but prior to leaving the house for daycare he puts his little hand in the air and turns it from side to side as he looks at me. I would say that is definitely a wave. But sometimes it is an opening closing hand motion. Can’t figure out if it’s a wave or he’s finally figured out how to say “milk” in baby sign language. T isn’t convinced of the latter, and after a little observation, neither am I.  He definitely does the motion at random times, that usually involve him being incredibly happy but which don’t always involve him wanting or drinking any milk. But we will see as  time goes on.

This stage has also introduced baby L to lots of different foods. These days I can sort of kind of get him to eat peas, but he isn’t a huge huge fan.  I am planning to boil and strain a set of peas soon and mix it with some rice cereal.  He does like peaches, though, as well as sweet potato, yellow squash, carrots, and he’s had dibs and dabs of a few other things.  The avocado does ok as long as it’s mixed and I think overall he prefers his food very warm or very cold – both of which must be soothing for the gums.

Last but not least L is learning to knock over things.  The first time he learned to do it the maniacal laughter began.  We haven’t been able to replicate it but at least it was caught on video!

Almost time to head home . . . I wish I had more time to type during the past month but it had just whirled by me and all of a sudden it was September.  With school season starting and work keeping me busy, I doubt things are going to let up through Christmas!