My little tater tot

The tongue sticks out and bubbles form on the surface, zurbles, burbles.  A “Ba” and a “Ga,” exclamation-style. Amazing. How my little one changes day by day. Just yesterday when he woke up after a good night’s sleep I could tell something was happening with his incessant straining. My tiny little man made quite the grown up poop. Leave it to solid foods to remind us why we pray for baby to potty train. So much, there was, to my amazement, that he definitely needed a thorough cleaning so into the sink he went fora  mini-bath. While he is usually tossing around a little, yesterday he was particularly mobile, grabbing at most anything within reach, especially ceramic objects. Why I thought it was a good idea to keep ceramic things in the baby bathroom, at this point I will never know. But there it was – a bowl full of water, waiting for a baby grab. Thankfully I pulled it out of his hand but I have a feeling that our whole decor for the bathroom will require an overhaul. We received a lovely Turkish plate from my brother and sister-in-law, which I promptly hung on the bathroom wall. Yesterday little L made a grab for it, so fascinated he was with its bright blue and red enamel. Out it will go, gotta make its way to another wall.

Yet my man has been fussy. I don’t know if it’s the teething – drool outlines his lips and his hands are constantly in his mouth. Or it could be his new grown-upness, his newfound solid foods, wreaking havoc on his formerly fluid digestive tract. I can only hope that another Number 2 arrives soon. His last one was yesterday morning. And regularity, among other things, is what we have come to expect with little L.  It is hard for me to take my own prescription that he is ok and totally fine and it is ok to expect changes in poos with changes in foods.  But I didn’t really know it till I saw it, know what I mean?  So many things that I counsel my parents on, it’s hard to believe it’s normal when it comes up for your baby.  But yes, poops as little as once a week can be normal for baby, so who am I to rush L?

Lots of excitement awaits him this weekend. His Masiji is coming from Germany and we are infinitely excited at her and her family’s impending arrival.  Lots of fun will be had for weeks and weeks. Lots of packing to do as we plan for this occasion!  Time to sleep. Night night!