Lots to do, so little time! Ammonia Stink and Baby gets bigger

Have I had this headline before? We have some close relatives visiting from Germany and lots of vacationy weekends, paired with anniversary time and my birthday and too much to do sandwiched in between everything else. I haven’t been able to cruise facebook, haven’t been able to travel to my little bloggy-poo site, haven’t been able to do the laundry, and little L’s diapers are in way too many places for me to keep track of everything. And all this brings so so much to write about.

One thing I’ve wanted to mention was the nagging odor of ammonia infiltrating L’s diapers. It all seemed to start with solid food and somehow L’s digestive tract has taken a turn for the purulent. I am not quite sure what to do about it because all the ‘net’s advice columns I’ve read about ammonia stink don’t seem ot help. I’ve heard of using “RLR” but haven’t tried to purchase this yet. The only thing I did so far was I ran a load using vinegar in the pre-rinse and then washing on hot with Charlie’s detergent as per usual. I’m not sure if I’m going to have to make a detergent change or what, but I will appreciate any guidance I can get from readers out there. And then the cleaning process for these diapers. It’s not bad when I have the handheld sprayer but a cloth poopy diaper seems so difficult to clean when I don’t have htat sprayer. Any advice there? My mom took to scraping the poo off into the toilet with a spoon and then washing in the sink again, but the poo does seem pretty voluminous. We may have to resort to using liners. But the liners aren’t actually flushable so again I am confused.

And then there is the utter cuteness to exclaim about. How amazing is it to have a little boy reach out his hands for you so that you will pick him up. No matter whose arms he is in he loves mama’s arms and just makes a little mmm nnnn grunt and he gets his mama. Or late at night when he wants to come in the bed and he drifts to sleep next to daddy, then when mama comes to bed he can smell me turns and immediately turns for a late night snack! He is also starting to get a little stronger in the arms. He can now spend more than a few minutes on his hands and knees and will play a little, trying to push and squirm, though not quite crawling, and only then does he start with the tears — which do not last too long. It is quite arresting to see his eyes and his scrunchy face, his incessant laughter at peekaboo games. My little man.