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So against all reason and N’s recommendations to go slow, I went out and ordered a bunch of fluff. In my defense, it was all on sale, overstock, half price, or much-needed and it was essentials. Our little monkey has an unfortunate case of the plumber’s butt in his FB Small pocket diapers, and I am sorry to say that the one-size FB just doesn’t cut it. Doesn’t fit as well, as snug, and even though it is highly adjustable it just isn’t as easy to put on. Hence me trudging over to GogoNatural to take advantage of their $12.95 overstock sale on FB perfect sized diapers. Medium Mac ‘n’ Cheese, here we come!

And on N’s recommendation I grabbed a Bummis Super Brite cover which will hopefully hold baby L’s poop in with its gussets. You see, his thirsties covers have also “had it” size-wise. The ones I have left are in pretty good condition, I may be able to sell them online since I doubt that the elastic and such would hold up for too much longer. But we shall see, it may be worth keeping for baby number two, whenever he or she decides to make his/her slow journey here.

And then I found a few interesting websites with some great deals. I heard some good things about Piddle Poddles and she had a deal on a half-price AIO one-sized diaper with a random design (unfortunately I can’t choose the print) but I figured that if the price was right for a new diaper, I shouldn’t argue about the print.

And lastly I decided to try some really nice low-priced AIO OS dipes – GoGreen Diapers, which are very competitively priced at $10-$15/diaper.

And lastly I got a SB-ish multi snapless fitted and a Gen-Y cover – perhaps I should have mentioned these first. Now I’m not allowed to buy diapers for awhile because this completely rounds out our stash to replace what has been outgrown.

So while I didn’t go for my beloved Rumparooz or a few Sustainable Babyish fitteds, I may do these next depending on what our needs are. I hope that these fit in with what we should be getting. I couldn’t help but be attracted by the low price points at each of the diaper types that I chose, and going with the FBs is – I am positive – a good choice, since they worked so well for us at first. I may do a brief review of the diapers we have to date in case they help my friends who are just getting into cloth. It’s worked for us so far!

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    1. I will I will! I’m especially curious about the Piddle Poddle random diaper and what it will look like!

  1. Yes – Reviews would be much appreciated! I also bought a Bummis Super Brite today (among other things), and have also cut myself off from diaper purchases for now, because our baby’s not due for another 20 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wow 20 weeks? I didn’t start my diapering purchases till . . well I’m not sure when but I guess if I looked at my blog I’d have some idea. But I agree that it is *best* to wait. First of all while it is awesome to go in excited, don’t assume you will love cloth diapering. I have heard of so many people who told me that it’s impossible, don’t try it, you’re crazy. Of course, I persevered and cloth diapering worked for me, but it is a constant re-evaluation and negotiation. We ended up having to disposable diaper for daycare purposes, for instance, as well as times when the baby goes to my parents’ house. It’s too much for us to take the diapers on short trips as well. To me it isn’t worth it if the waste seems comparable with disposables. The daycare we go through would put our CDs in plastic bags, for instance, and they don’t rinse the diapers, which would mean more difficult cleaning for us. The CD option didn’t seem to make sense in that case.

      I promise I’ll have pictures up for all to see and am going to try to review our stash. What do you have in your stash already? I started out with a few fitteds, some thirsties covers, a few pockets and all in ones (FB perfect size are the BEST), and prefolds. Then once we knew what we liked to use (pockets and AIOs mostly) we built up our stash a bit more.

  2. Thanks for the wise words! I think I jumped on the bandwagon so soon because I was reading lots of blogs and diapers seemed like such a fun and easy way to purchase small, useful items before we had the motivation to think about the big decisions – nursery furniture, strollers, etc ๐Ÿ™‚ (We’re still not there yet.)

    Don’t worry, I don’t have anything close to a full stash yet; I’m planning to do the Jillian’s Drawers newborn trial to make sure I can really handle it, and to try a variety of styles. So far, I’ve got a Flip OS with organic insert (I know the OS’s won’t fit right away), a Bummis Stretch Bamboozle size 1, an FB size small, a BG 4.0 without insert that I got as a second, a small Bummis Super Brite cover, a newborn Rumparooz cover, a few hemp inserts (FB and BabyKicks Hemparoo), and a free OS diaper (came with a coupon code – won’t know what it is until it arrives). I’m planning to pick up a dozen newborn prefolds and then be DONE (except for accessories like a wetbag, sprayer, wipes, all that good stuff). Of course, I’ll be knitting some soakers, but that’s more for my own enjoyment than utility ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again for the insight, and I look forward to reading more!

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