Musings: The Meaning of Crying

First of all – thanks to all for the advice on what to do with my milk “situation.”  My lactation consultant advised me to keep just half of the milk and to figure out a way to donate the other half – perhaps consulting with the national donation facilities which send you containers and you send them milk.

Today, as I enjoy a peaceful and happy weekend with T and his mother and sister, I just wanted to throw in a few musings about raising this little wonderbaby through almost 6 months of age. There are so many little things a person would want to remember that they risk forgetting. So lest I forget I better jot down a few quick thoughts.

Now that Dadiji is here visiting we are back to each predicting what we think is happening in little L’s head when he is crying. . . I remember those days when he was just a few weeks old.  This is how the predictions went according to who heard the baby crying.

If Mommy heard it, baby was hungry.

If Preeti Bua (my sister-in-law) heard it, baby needed to change positions because he was bored.

If Naniji (my mother) heard it, baby was hurting and colicky.

If Nanaji (my father) heard it (and still if Nanaji hears him crying), baby needed a diaper change. And boy, does baby get his diaper changed with Nanaji, may I say.

If Daddy heard it, baby was sleepy. At least I think that’s what he thought. But I think that Daddy also really thought that his reflux issues were at play as well.

Such funny times. Now baby giggles uncontrollably when he makes eye contact with you and you smile. Or if you lift him up and bring him down, or play peek-a-boo, he just cracks up completely. We are so blessed.  Ok, time running out and it’s time for us to head out to lunch, so I am going to get going.  Pumping break is also done!