In which we begin the next 6 months

Today begins the second 6 months of L’s life; Yesterday T and I enjoyed a little treat: red velvet cupcakes on L’s “6 month” birthday – I guess that this was officially his half birthday since he became at least half a year old. It’s amazing how much our lives have changed since the arrival of our little munchkin.  T often picks him up from work and I arrived home the other day by myself, and during the time that I was alone at home things just didn’t feel quite the same!

He has really grown in this time. As we look at videos between birth and now the expressions on his face have developed so much . .  his hair has become so long . . . the sounds increasingly complex . . yet still so simple at this tiny tiny age.  But he will never be smaller again.  It is truly amazing.

It’s funny that I mentioned the beginning of solid foods with Little L. How was I to know that the second he got separation anxiety he would begin to show absolutely no interest in solid foods. So the pureed apples that I made last week were all for naught, he kept sputtering them out. So we went backwards to carrots and he wasn’t having those.  Then finally to simple rice cereal a few days ago and yesterday. No dice. He just plain doesn’t want them. He wants mommy. Last night while I was preparing dinner and I had just pumped I gave the baby to T and we tried a bottle. I was in the other room and it seemed like, with some difficulty, Baby L was drinking but hysterical crying accompanied each intermittent gulp.  I had barely gotten a little eggplant chopped and into a pot steaming .. . chicken thighs cut up and ready to go into a little stew. . . . when the crying just became too much for me and I came to L with the most irritated expression on his face and the crying was just so darn loud! T gave him to me and within an instant the crying stopped and the baby was playful again. Sigh. It’s crazy but it’s darn cute. I brought L over to the living room and tried to sit him in his bouncy seat and for a second he was okay and gave out a nervous laugh, then as I started to stand up he began to realize that I was going away and he reached out his arms and leaned forward and hit his little nose against the playbar on the bouncy seat. It didn’t hit hard at all, barely a touch, but then he WAILED! Oh God, I thought. This is only the beginning. That sad scrunched up face and his eyes closed, a single tear in the left eye. Up I scooped him into my arms and narrated the story to T; L was ok at first but when I got to the part where I repeated his “Waaaaah!!” then L started screaming again. He knows, I thought. He knows what we’re all up to.

It’s ok, L.  I am there for you and we don’t have to eat right away, I promise. The chicken eggplant mushroom stew can wait and of course you can feed and be held as much as you want.

Aha, the Prince has awoken. Time to get off the compy and get ready for our weekend!  Tata!