Getting Edgier with Veggies

Part of raising little L has involved the joy of solid food. Just a few weeks ago we started introducing Squirt to solids with little tidbits of rice cereal mixed in a tiny bowl, given with a tiny spoon, mixed with a tiny amount of breastmilk. At first he simply pushed everything out with his tongue, but slowly he started to nibble and gnaw at the spoon, and now he opens his mouth up wide for the spoon. He is still just getting a tiny amount – maybe a few teaspoons of rice cereal – once a day, and this week we introduced a nice surprise – carrots – through which baby L happily sputtered and spurted and gurgled his way. 

I have been gradually reading The Petit Appetit, the organic cookbook which L gave me for his first mother’s day.  It reminds me of my desire to feed L organic vegetables and fruits as much as possible. Both T and I have been on a pretty serious health kick as of late – eating better, going out less, counting what we eat, and exercising, and L needs to learn what mommy and daddy are learning.  But even though we do have local places to get organic groceries (the shoprite next door has some for instance), I don’t feel like paying $2.50 for a single red pepper. Crazy, right? I was appalled, and the looks of the veggies aren’t great.  I have grocery stores within a 20-minute radius to which I can trek, but the ideal for me would be something more consistent and more closely available. I guess I’m just too darn lazy.

Imagine my excitement on coming home from a day of work to find at my door a set of advertisements for Suburban Organics, a service that delivers organic fruits and vegetables to your doorstep.  They service Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and get their supplies from local organic farms.  I signed up right away – no harm and if we don’t like it we can discontinue deliveries, no questions asked. I hope that it ends up being a worthwhile investment.  $25 is pretty steep for a small box of fruits and veggies, but if they are good quality and save me time and aggravation, I’d say it could be worth it, and maybe we’d want to invest in a bigger box at next attempt.  I will update when the delivery arrives!