The sweet sounds

Currently on another milk break at work, I am coughing up a storm but feel a million times better than I did last evening, when I had a fever of 102 and my head was about to explode.  Now that the antibiotics have kicked in and I’ve steamed my head into oblivion, things seem to be slowly, gradually, clearing, and I finally feel able to appreciate the joy of our little baby once more. The past few weeks have continued to go so quickly that it is easy to lose sight of everything that is happening and developing with little L. I want to get int down on paper. I can’t believe that tomorrow he will be five months old. It really is going so quickly and he is growing so much.

The past few weeks have been marked by several things. First and foremost, I know how much L knows ME these days. He may be in someone else’s arms but if I am in the room he looks inquisitively at me. Not because he is anxious; thankfully stranger anxiety has not yet happened, but he wants to know how I perceive the new person who is holding him, or he may want to see what I am up to. At least this is how I interpret his looks. And the minute that T or I get into the room he sees us and starts laughing and giggling. What sweet and utterly amazing giggles leave his body. I can hardly believe it when he lets out a new sound that I have not yet heard before. the Geees and the rrrs and the d’s are all music to my willing ears.

Yesterday I was convinced that I had heard L’s first word. This word is “Nnnggeeeee” – the “g” has sort of a trill to it, a gurgly sound, and this statement will initially come out of his mouth happily, gleefully with a big smile on his face, and at other times he will exclaim his “nnngeeee” with increasing urgency and irritation. I interpret that when he says this he is hungry, because when I feed him in response he eats with happiness. Of course, I don’t know if I am over-interpreting. I need to listen more to see if this “Nnngeee” is a real thing, but at least so far it seems to be indicative of hunger. Overall I found this finding somewhat interesting because “nnnngeeee” has a striking resemblance to the word “hungry,” making me wonder if the word derivation came from that primal sound that babies make when they are hungry. Good times.

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  1. Raymond brown

    That is just too cute!!!
    I have 2 girls and they are ages 2 and almost 1 and another one on the way. It is so fun to see what they come up with!!!

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