Early mornings

So now we are into week two of working and things seem to be going well. The most challenging thing for T and I has been the experience of getting into a new routine. Now that he has completed business school and I am starting back, our days and evenings look very different. He is getting used to not having assignment-upon-assignment to complete – and getting back to trying to do household things we have put off for the past two years. I, on the other hand, am getting used to having less time to do the household things I have grown used to. Now when I get home from work I am rapidly showering, throwing laundry into the machine, which shows no signs of shrinking!!  I like the pace of the day a lot, though. It is so great to get out of the house, see patients, have some adult conversations, and then to be able to come home to my absolutely delightful baby.

His nights of endless crying seem to have come to some relief. He now remains playful for most of the evening – sometimes a little too late into the evening. Currently he lies asleep in bed, occasionally whimpering. I love most of his sleep sounds but the sleep whimpering is admittedly a bit sad. It sounds like he is having a bad dream and I see his chest occasionally heave in between whines, his eyes closed with an ever so slight furrow to the brow. His lips curl in and out. What is he dreaming? A few quick breaths and a sigh. I hope that he has moved on to a calmer time.  My little darling.

It looks like I have to move onto my next activity for the morning; pumping is slowing to a halt and there is much to do.  I’m glad that I started to plan the evenings prior to leaving. It is key to make the next day’s lunch, clean the day’s bottles and put them up to dry, arrange bags, in the evening beforehand. If I really had myself together I would also be arranging my clothes but I do not yet have that foresight.  But he is about to wake up in a few minutes so I will say a quick bye bye and good morning to you all!

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