Daycare – Day 1

Mr. L has successfully made it to Day 1 of daycare.  Now into my third week of work, I am sitting here – on another pumping break, trying to type frantically. We’ve been busy.  T graduated this weekend from business school and we had family over – including both sets of L’s grandparents, and it was a very fun, busy time, depsite the bad weather!  Getting ready for daycare was another story, not that it was altogether difficult. Most of his stuff – including lots of changes of clothing and some diapers – were already sent over to the daycare center, but we’ve been working with other issues – getting the right bottles on board, putting the milk in different sized containers, hopng to reduce as much wastage as possible with the breast milk.  So many things have been within my anticipation during this weeks and finally it came true, L wentto daycare.

My first mini-meltdown happened a few weeks ago when I left L for a half-day of work.  Some tears transpired but the day came and went and I was doing well. Then all of a sudden yesterday was event number two, precipitated by my realization that L wouldn’t be able to use the glass bottles I had so carefully prepared with milk. Unfortunately, in the eyes of daycare, they constitute a risk and I guess I wouldn’t like it if a glass bottle broke on the floor and my baby crawled on it.  . . . makes sense. But that meant that T had to make a quick run to Target in the evening to get us some Dr. Brown’s plastic bottles. Now I feel like we could have waited till today but I royally feel right now like I have plastic bottles coming out of my ears.  SO SO SO many bottles. Evenflo. Ameda. Dr. Brown’s. Breastflow.  Thankfully when we got the  call from L’s provider at Daycare today they said that he did well with the Breastflow bottles. I’ll be talking to her today to find out if he likes Dr. Brown’s better. I know that my parents prefer that he drink from Dr. Brown’s bottles. I think they are more comfortable with the latch he takes on there.  When he drinks from a Breastflow he really sucks on the entire nipple and my dad’s uncomfortable with that.  But I guess I’ll see what we come up with when I get to daycare this afternoon (in only two short hours) to pick up my beloved.

Ok, time for me to go. I’ve had so many things I wanted to write about related to childcare and pediatrics, but the time is running out.  Gotta go check in and see the patients. Toodles!