Month: May 2011

Mommy brain

I had a great idea for a post last night which simply disintegrated by the morning, just like many of my ideas do after they surface.  Time to blame the mommy brain. Yes, the mommy brain. I didn’t hear about this until I was a mama, just like so many things I have had a …

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Downfall of a working mom: The case of a missing Valve

So I said to myself it wouldn’t happen. I bought all the supplies I needed. I dutifully did a checkpoint assessment of each day’s items. I arranged things to travel the night before. I bought extra supplies. I labeled, arranged, put away, organized everything and at one point last night was really feeling like “Supermom” …

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Daycare – Day 1

Mr. L has successfully made it to Day 1 of daycare.  Now into my third week of work, I am sitting here – on another pumping break, trying to type frantically. We’ve been busy.  T graduated this weekend from business school and we had family over – including both sets of L’s grandparents, and it …

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