Taking advantage of baby’s sleep patterns

So baby L has been asleep for just about an hour so I am afraid my time of being able to type is coming to a close. I just spent a bit of time scrambling to get some new diaper inserts for my quickly growing boy who hates the wetness imparted by soaked (and I mean soaked) prefold diapers.  He is already wearing three month old clothing, which is tight when he wears disposable diapers on trips and basically cannot be buttoned at all when he has his big cloth butt on him!  But look at how these clothes are sized.  How is anyone supposed to guess what really matches a baby’s height.  He was 21 inches long at his last pediatrician’s appointment, which is apparently between 5-10th percentile for height for a 2 month old, yet his feet are practically sticking out of his Carters stretchies which are supposed to be 3-month sized and are suPPOSED to last him until he is 24 inches long.  I won’t figure it out. I thought, maybe it’s because his head is disproportionately small?  But no, I really think he has a normal sized head . . . maybe a bit on the bigger side. Just check out these two onesies.  Which one would you think is a 3-month sized Carters onesie and which is a 3-9 month size Gerber onesie.  Forget that a 3-9 month range sounds just crazy given the exponential growth curve that a baby experiences between 0 and 6 months, but don’t these two look practically identical?

Left: Gerber 3-9 months, Right: Carters 3-months

I realize that the rise is different between the two but the widths were nearly the same. I find it hilarious that anyone would think the onesie on the left would fit a healthy growing baby who was at the 50th percentile on the growth curve at 9 months of age.  But whatever.  They would just say that it’s average.

And I guess that it doesn’t matter in general – after all, they don’t charge you extra for a bigger size of baby clothes, so at whatever rate baby grows hopefully they’ll even out in the end. Of course, some of the baby clothes I see in the stores – like the cute little Gap Jeans – cost more than what I pay for my own jeans and T-shirts at times. Perhaps this speaks more for the quality of the clothes I sometimes choose than the baby clothes being overpriced, but $25 for baby jeans seems ridiculous!!

In any case, baby is still asleep and I’m hoping to put together a few of the baby announcements I was assembling . . . .ok hiatus . . .had to take boiled eggs off the stove, feed baby, change him (BM, yay!), and exchange some laundry . .oh the life of being work-at-home for now – only 3.5 weeks left till I start back up again and baby’s in Daycare . . ok must go!