Rainy Saturday

On rainy days I notice that baby L likes to sleep and sleep, so after his morning nap he came to my lap, nuzzled up and breastfed for a bit, then played for about 20 minutes and drifted back off to sleep . .typical late morning for the little guy. He gets cuter and cuter by the day as I mentioned, he is cooing up a storm and really making all sorts of lovely sounds: Ngs, grrrlll, gah .. so much fun. And I love this sighing sound that he makes when he is drifting off to sleep, or in between sucks while he is feeding. All in all pretty amazing stuff.
It looks like the weather is so crappy outside that we probably won’t make it out today. Probably a good day to get some bread starter read- there’s a hobby I haven’t taken up again after getting pregnant! But at least the laundry is done and mostly folded and I’m enjoying this little time of relaxation. Behind me is a huge pile of clothes.
Since pregnancy I have been fortunate enough to be exercising twice a week and lifting a 14 pound baby . . and breast feeding – all of which have contributed to my miraculously getting down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Ok, that . . plus a baby belly. I’d love to start running agin but I think that L is too young for a jogging stroller. Don’t want to jostle him around too much! But hopefully if the weather is nice tomorrow T and I will go out to the park. He will train for a few races coming up and I will come slowly behind either walking with L or pushing him in his little stroller.
Almost time to get a new stroller for my tyke!
Anyway I hear him moving around. . .time to return to my little one!