The elusive smile and family nurturing of the baby

I’ve been just plain bad about posting to my blog, but over the past 4 days it’s been because my mind and myself have been most happily occupied while spending time with my parents. T is out of town unfortunately – he hates missing how much little L grows with each day – but this did give me the opportunity to have L go to my parents’ house for the first time. They were soo OH SO excited to have the little munchkin, and when I came home dad had the house vacuumed, arranged, and had all the burp cloths lined up next to a Pack ‘n Play that was set up just for us. I came with cloth diapers in tow because I was going to stay longer than the initially proposed two-day trip, and off we began our weekend. It was such a joy to see L with his grandparents. While I love it when my parents visit – they come often and alternate when they are there so that they can provide the most help – it is the best to see them together, doting on their little grandson. My dad loves playing Hindi music and dancing with L, holding him in the “colic” position to help relieve his little tummy. My mom sings cute lullabyes and talks and talks to L.

Together, they can’t get enough of the joy he experiences during diaper changes.  15 years ago my parents used to tease my cousin who would use the hair dryer to dry her children during diaper changes. Today, they are astounded at how happy L is when they fan his fanny with a cool hair dryer during diaper changes. Even if I’m doing a quick late night diaper change and just want to get it done, dad is quick with the hair dryer, sets it to cool, and gets to work.  In dad’s words, L is “in the seventh heaven of joy” when he gets this little spa-like treatment.  Personally, the time when I feel like I’m really giving L the royal treatment is when we are nursing on the couch and I’m attending to his nails. I truly feel like his spa technician at these times.

During all this we seek L’s smiles, which are fleeting. We’ve missed most of the smiles on camera but when we see them, oh how happy we become.  I managed to capture a little one today, but it’s impossible to get the very best of the smiles on film, at least right now. I can’t wait until L smiles more. He’s already tracking so well, is very alert and is holding his head up. He has started making newer sounds and doesn’t so much “neigh” like a horsey anymore – he now has started making a few “gah” sounds. And as I mentioned, his cry continues to mature though it seems to have stabilized for now and I am getting more used to the current variations. Amazing how both mother and baby adapt to these changes, eh?