Into Month 2 – a Semblance of Normalcy

Wow, baby L is already 5 weeks old. Amazing, how time flies and how much he has grown.  He makes so many more sounds now, he actually manages to sleep for 4 hours at a stretch sometimes, making mommy VERY happy and feeling well rested. And I am finally attempting to achieve normalcy in this new routine.  I have my 6 week midwife appointment tomorrow and I anticipate being cleared to work out (I really hope they clear me, I’m jealous of T and how advanced his exercise routines are getting), I hope I can start walking and soon running again (this has been a challenge because of the whole issue of getting out), and I may get out of the house today to go for a walk or go shopping.  L has given me some peace this morning to shower and get ready, organize things, though I anticipate a very gassy, poo filled day as usual.

So I am about to start going through my old clothes to see what fits, what doesn’t, what I need to get.  I know I need to go in for a bra fitting as they say that as many as 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  Now that my body has changed and I’m breast feeding so must the clothes change, so out go the old and in with the new. Again I found an “interweb wonder” during my searches. Trying to find old uses for undershirts (cut into rags) and what to do with the gently used bras that have amassed in the drawer, that will never be used again.

the bra recyclersSo began the Internet searches. It looks like Soma Intimates occasionally has bra drives as bras are often recycled and used by women undergoing domestic violence issues and homelessness.  Figures and makes sense – a T shirt or sweat shirt runs cheap, but bras are notoriously expensive and if taken care of they last awhile, why not recycle them? Lo and behold, I found The Bra Recyclers. This group has several locations across the country where you can drop off or mail used bras – they participate both in the business of buying/selling recycled bras, and also donate bras to a variety of charity organizations that they list on their website.  Donating seems like a great idea! I’m getting my box ready now!