For what to type?

I had an idea of what I wanted to post a few days ago, but as the days turn into nights turn into days, my memories become quite vague. It is not the easiest to remember all one’s goals. Our current adventures with little L involve gas and poop.  The norm.  I think that by now the whole family – T, me, our parents and siblings have all been “christened” by the little one.  My dad had a particularly funny case today.  I am so happy that my family is all embracing my cloth diapering craziness – which at times does indeed feel pretty crazy, given that the past few days have shown me that my stash definitely isn’t large enough to accommodate our little wetting machine. But it does manifest in different ways as I see each person making their own technique to make cloth diapering comfortable for them. Nanaji (my dad’s relationship to L) is a deliberate person.  I was laying in the bed napping as I let him do the cloth diaper switch on his own.  He likes to take his time and he prefers wet wipes to my flannel wipes in water, so after taking off L’s prefold and cover (mistake #1) Nanaji was figuring out how to open the plastic on the wet wipes container. Of course L peed wherever he could at that point, thankfully contacting the prefold directly so Nanaji felt that the wetness was at least contained.  He removed the prefold from the changer (mistake #2). I came over and gave him a wet wipe and duly noted the pile of breastfed poo laying atop L’s onesie.  Nanaji was shocked!!  So we went through the task of removing all of L’s clothes, cleaning him, wiping his back and front, applying his baby bottom ointment and placing a new prefold with cover.  It was very cute to see L’s granddad go through the process of changing.  I’ve gotten pretty used to my routine and I really love seeing everyone with their routines, and how patient they are.

So what else is up today?  L is definitely making eye contact a lot more. He’s definitely pretty gassy and *hates* being wet with a passion.  He will alternate fussiness, hunger, wetness, playfulness for a period of about an hour and a half and then all of a sudden he will have fallen asleep. I can’t for the life of me figure out what combination of feeding, changing, burping, and snuggling seems to work but in the end he is always asleep, so I plop him in his crib and either nap or try to catch up with household stuff, which reminds me that my little reprieve is probably almost over – I’m heading up on 45 minutes of him being asleep!  I know, I should have been napping now, but I was trying to look up flights to go to a friend’s wedding next month (we’ll see how I do getting on that plane without baby L) and wanted to blog and got to catch some pictures of a good friend from med school and his newborn boy. Amazing how the Indian babies tend to look alike when they are born – my friend’s baby looks a LOT like our little one!  And both of our kiddies have a full head of hair.

I also put in an order yesterday for more diapers.  GoGo Natural has a deal going on Fuzzibunz perfect size diapers, so already I can see myself turning into a crazy diaper junkie.  But given that it’s my main source of entertainment day in-day out these days, what can I do?

But speaking of entertainment, if you haven’t already definitely *do* check out this week’s Valentine’s Day episode of Modern Family. I just saw it yesterday and already want to see it again. Phil Dunphy trying to be suave with Claire as “Clive Bixby” is priceless beyond words. Thank goodness for my dear hubbie for making sure that I experience at least a little bit of pop culture during my early motherhood.