Here I was thinking that my blog could be useful to some in my sharing my experiences of first-time motherhood, but some of my friends have shown concern that I am stressed. Yes, having my little baby can be stressful – definitely if I can’t figure out why he’s crying or in the middle of the night when we all just want to go to sleep and baby L just wants to be awake and looking at the light emanating from the bedside lamp. But for my part this all seems to be part and parcel of early parenthood. L is generally a very happy and kind baby – [mostly] only crying when it is important and occasionally letting mommy sleep for 2 hours at a stretch. One of my best friends said that reading my blog is a good form of birth control – to each their own, I guess if people can get some use out of the blog it is better than none!!  But I write this all to be for real. Being a parent so far is much more than the romantic notions of having a little cute baby all to oneself.  It’s an intense thing not going outside for a week, feeling that every moment is the baby’s, and hoping to steal a few moments here and there to type, sleep, whatever. Thank goodness God made babies cute – just when I’m at my most frustrated or sleep-deprived, L shoots me a glance that makes me sigh with happiness. He knows how to win mommy’s heart.

I’m learning quickly that one must never say anything about one’s baby, as the opposite is then most likely to come true.  Last week I told my cousin that no, L’s not a spitty baby. Then all of a sudden he started spitting up – minimally, but enough that now after feeds we definitely have to keep him upright for a significant amount of time or he gets quite fussy when trying to sleep.

I initially thought that baby L didn’t have day and night backward – yet last night he spent an hour awake at 2am just wanting to hang out. Looking at the lights as I mentioned previously.

You’ve already read about the explosive nature of his poos. Today I managed to get the better of him.  When I opened up his overnight diaper and noticed that the poo content was mild at best, I left the diaper open just below his bottom and placed a Pee Pee Tee Pee on him.  Sure enough, L, decided to poo poo on his diaper, which I would alternately rotate in different directions so that he covered the diaper evenly and didn’t leak out. The Pee Pee Tee Pee was definitely soaked by the end of this process. I removed the diaper and started to wipe him and – well, the little dickens tricked me again, and he did another No. 2.  So I caught it with the wipey. Amazingly enough, clothing was all intact, untouched by any of his output. I cleaned him, balmed him, and put on the new diaper and ran back to the room to tell my husband the good news of my success.   I guess that baby L prefers to go in the open air. Could this mean he may potty train quickly?  One can only dream it.

Oh, he’s awake for the morning.  Time to draw his bath. . .one day late. So his hair will no longer be matted.  Toodles!