Baby’s first outing

On a daily basis there is always much to write about. This morning was spent with another amazingly explosive poo.  Mama had to remove the diaper, clean baby, got not one but two poo explosions which she [sort-of] caught with the flannel wipey she was using, but unfortunately poo was spread afar enough that clothes had to be removed, diaper replaced, and baby wrapped in a flannel receiving blanket and banished to the crib until mama could clean up the mess.  Thank goodness for the Cooshee Changer, which was easy to wipe down and disinfect.  No extra laundry loads for me!  (aside from baby L’s clothes and diapers)

The night was otherwise pretty sleepless.  I think that baby L still has days and nights backwards.  He hasn’t been eating as crazily today so I imagine that things will pick up with his dinner feed and that he will probably be up throughout the night.  For now he is bundled up in his Moby wrap and attached to Mama. That’s much easier than constantly putting him down and picking him up in his restlessness.  He is pretty sweaty though!  But no fever.  But easy to kiss on the head whenever I want.

Yesterday Mama and Papa took baby for his first outing.  We got the baby’s carseat all ready, dressed up baby in warm clothing and set up the stroller frame (Baby Trend Snap ‘n’ Go).  This process took, at a minimum, 45 minutes. By the time we were ready and were heading out we did not know what would transpire. Sure enough, about 5-10 minutes after getting outside and making a few rounds on the sidewalk, Baby L was already crying.  I think he hates being confined to his car seat, instead preferring body heat if he is going to be wrapped up tight. So back upstairs we went, where I quickly undressed him, rocked him, and fed him.  Oh well, but at least we tried and it was nice to be outside. For the most part I am inside here, looking out on the streets and houses from our high floor.  I like the quiet and solitude and time with baby, but cabin fever does hit from time to time. I think that the next time we try to go outside I will probably try him in the Moby wrap.