Attack of the exploding poo

So today was another quiet day in the life of little L.  I think I spoke too soon when I was getting proud of his having no/few leaks since — after about 15 minutes of tummy time and a nap this morning — L had a minor poo explosion. Fortunately everything was contained within his Thirsties Duo Wrap, but I was amazed at how, even with a Snappi securely in place, poo was everywhere on his prefold cloth diaper – the outside, the inside. And this was after he had a relatively dry night since I had put him in a Fuzzi Bunz with super soaker Kissaluvs doubler. Sorry for all the branding reports but this will help me remember where the relative successes and lack thereofs occur in my cloth diapering adventures.  Today’s free computer time was spent investigating the sustainablebabyish bamboo fitteds line – I plan to order 1 or 2 of these for nighttime use, but I don’t feel like purchasing extra small.  I’m afraid he’ll grow out of it too fast, but he is so tiny and I can’t imagine that he will be 9 pounds soon (big enough for small size)!  But I guess that since he had a great visit to the midwife’s two days ago, where he had surpassed his birth weight, 9 pounds is not so far away.

Plus baby L has been experimenting with running Mommy ragged. For all my pediatric training I never knew what cluster feeding was. I expect a baby to want to feed every 1 to 3 hours if breast feeding.  I never knew that this could mean feeding nearly continuously for several hours at a stretch – feed, burp, console, feed, burp, console.  It has been pretty crazy!  Sleepless nights are difficult, thank goodness I have a husband who helps and my mother-in-law has been watching the baby in the morning this week so mommy can sleep in.  I still have to be up to feed but it is convenient if he has awake time or whatever, grandma can help!  Ok, better get shuteye while I have the chance. I doubt I will be sleeping long!