Having a baby is like being on call at the hospital 24/7, only when the pager goes off you can’t wait 30 seconds to call it back – it’s your baby crying next to you.  But you don’t mind the interruption so much because, after all, it IS your own kid demanding your attention.

Life with L changes on a daily basis.  Just when I think I’ve figured him out he does something different.  Remind me that I advised never to say anything about a baby because they WILL prove you wrong.  Last week I proclaimed to my cousin that L is not a spitty baby, just a bit gassy. Yesterday, after a 1-hour long attempted burp session in mid-afternoon, he let out a huge spitup onto mommy’s clothes, the floor, and the glider.  Thankfully he narrowly missed mommy’s SLR camera.  He is a good baby, after all. And since then he was consistently spitty, fussy, and gassy for the rest of the evening. He had a three hour period between 6pm and 9:30 p.m. when he was pretty much awake on and off, nibbling, and fussing, and I was nearing the point where I needed to put him down and take a break but thankfully I could give him to T for a short period while I ate, showered, drank some water, and chilled out and readied to feed him a few more times.

I was prepared for an equally frustrating night but . . .miraculously baby decided to sleep till 12:30 a.m.  Three hours of uninterrupted sleep has been unheard of for me since day 2 of Baby L’s life. So, along with a few other very smooth uneventful feeds and manageable diaper changes overnight (I caught the flying 6am poop again!  Yes!) with at least 2 hours of sleep between feeds, mommy felt very well rested enough this morning – enough to be able to heat up some lunch now, blog a bit, and buy some futures in cupcakes from Cupcake Heaven through a LivingSocial deal (what? a dozen for $12, I’m getting them.).  Mommy, baby, and Grandmom also took a nice walk outside today by the riverside – baby was cozy and content in his moby wrap.

I hear him whimpering a bit now so I think my break will soon come to a close.  In the future look for posts on fitness (I’m SO ready to start exercising again, though my walk today was a bit waddly)  where I will extol the virtues of my personal trainer at Delaware Mobile Fitness. Oh, he is crying softly now, gotta go – bet he’s heavily wet and in need of a change!