Un/expected fatigue!

So T and I are making plans for final delivery. Although baby “Gattoo” seems to be descending slowly we both have a feeling that he will probably stay cooking until close to his due date. Here’s hoping he doesn’t hold on to the womb for too long after! It’s so crazy because at this stage of pregnancy we’re feeling like “any day now” and the weeks seem to be really stretching! It’s amazing how fast it feels like pregnancy has passed overall, though.

So the word of today has been unexpected fatigue for the “doc2mom” – I worked only till 10:30 and then booked it home to head to my 38-week midwife appointment, where I met the last midwife in the practice – Dorinda – who I hadn’t yet encountered. The birth center is so great, so comfy and nice, I really hope it all goes well.  After the nice appointment where my questions were answered and I learned I should boil and eat some eggs and also try to get some relaxation time in, I headed out to do errands – e.g. not relax!  First was a trip to Country Curtains to pick out the nursery curtains and figure out how to drape them, and then to the grocery store for some general stuff and milk.

I had big plans – to bake bread, cook dinner, maybe bake something for work tomorrow for my last day. But I got home and ate some lunch and felt suddenly so tired that I couldn’t even stand up off the couch. It was most bizarre. I fell asleep for a little while and didn’t even eat the carrot cake I had bought as a little “gift-to-me” treat as I am wan to do at this stage in pregnancy. I didn’t even have the strength to work out for real today, instead I came down to the gym, walked for 10 minutes and then did stretches and sat alongside T as he did his workout with our trainer.

The other element of this week was finalizing the bag-o-stuff for the hospital. I hope to blog about it later tonight.

Carrot Cake I enjoyed with my husband after blogging.