Operation Baby Drop

While I have felt the baby dropping intermittently throughout this week, today is the first day that I truly feel significantly lower, as though I have a pannus that is now reaching my legs. This weekend was finally mostly relaxing. We have most of the nursery done, and the time now is to finish up things slowly. We are wrapping up – arranging, washing, making sure beds are made and bags are packed, food is in the fridge. Thankfully we know we will have great help during this early time – my mom will be there and T has a week for paternity leave, and then my mother-in-law will be joining us as well. So hopefully we will eat and sleep, if only a little, with the new baby.

I am really curious about when the baby will decide to make his final descent. As I was sitting watching a movie today, I was struck with fear and anxiety about the upcoming delivery. I felt the baby moving around a lot with his legs near my belly button, a bit lower than they had been before. I have had a few contractions here and there and I have been thinking, wow, how am I going to get through all this? For all the stresses I have had in life I haven’t experienced the significant pain of childbirth. I know I will forget all about it, because that is what the body is meant to do, but it is no mystery why women often choose epidurals – the overwhelming fear that can precede childbirth is enough to make anyone try to find a way to an easier path. That being said I still plan to do natural birth. I know it is best for me if it ends up being healthiest for baby, and that is what is important.

I have also been finding the time this weekend to relax with T. It is extremely pleasant with this being a comparably easier semester for him at school. He is still quite busy, but it is nice to be able to just sit on the couch a bit. We have finished all of our mother-father classes and basically have gym classes remaining for now. I may/may not have energy for classes tomorrow but at the very least I will go downstairs and stretch and go on the treadmill. I don’t know if I will feel up to the weight lifting.

I am also getting back on facebook, catching up with thank you notes and pictures of people. Trying to put together our 2010 Christmas/New Year’s letter. Yes, I know we’re a little late. I will work on it tomorrow. Maybe it’s best to wait till baby arrives but here we go. It seems a little late to take pictures of my belly for posterity, with the dip it has lost its lovely high dome-like shape. Even my belly button isn’t sticking out as much! At least I got the chance today to upload really good photos from the Baby Shower. Next step is to put up some cute videos from the Christmas vacation and then take some snapshots of the nursery. Good times abound and await.