Just about ready . . .38 weeks gestation

The condo finally has some semblance of order. Good thing I did a lot when my energy was up because these days I am getting pretty tired at very random times. I’m down to half-days at work (mostly) until this weekend, when I start my maternity leave at 38 1/2 weeks gestation.  I got home yesterday afternoon and after having lunch promptly fell asleep on the couch, so I couldn’t really get to sleep till later in the night, but at least I still feel pretty well rested despite multiple night-time sleep interruptions that seem to be getting worse again.

I have also had some intermittent swelling, which I am told that can happen at this time – it is happening mostly in my legs and a little in my hands if I sleep on them.  The key is watching out for sudden severe swelling and headaches, which would suggest high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia. I’m praying that all goes well at this stage of pregnancy because baby and I have made it so far! The contractions occur about once a day at this point and feel justly mildly painful, crampy, but don’t seem to be anything major. So I think I still have a little wait before anything happens.

On the to-do-list this week:

Thank you notes for baby showers. T’s work threw him a baby shower two days ago; it sounds like it was so sweet and they got him nice gifts, and we have a nice big hunk of cake at home to enjoy.  Also, my other work office threw me a baby shower yesterday so again I am struck by the generosity of people.  It was really fun and unexpected.  🙂

Finalizing packing up my bag to take to the birth center. The birth center, to me, has a fairly simple list of what to bring, and with all items I haven’t yet filled up a small suitcase, but I need to take inventory of what I packed and make sure I have the basics. When I have the chance I will post about what I am bringing with a list of items.  Then after delivery maybe we can do a debriefment.

Anyway, time to head to work now. Got a half day then it’s home again to chill out and try to tackle the list. Work has been especially busy since I went to a half-day schedule. I’m trying to fit in everyone before I leave and now that winter has hit it definitely looks like people are coming in for sick walk-in visits more often.