37 Weeks Gestation: Holidays are over . . and so much left to be typed

Well, given how absolutely fantastic my holiday season was, I sure wish I had more time to type about it, but alas, I was enjoying family, baking, eating, nesting. All in all it was a lovely Christmas vacation. There were the challenges involved – Naniji’s flu, my own sinus infection, navigating many family members, but overall it was just wonderful. Today I had to say goodbye to my dear cousin, his wife, and his 5-year-old and nearly-2-year-old children. They are so close to me I cannot say. My cousin and his sister are as close to a brother and sister to me as anyone could be – aside from my own brother!!

It’s been a lot of changes. My endurance has dropped dramatically. I had trouble running after the kids, and I find it really difficult to get up from seated positions on the floor. My tummy doesn’t seem to be expanding so much now as it is flatteninga dn I feel frequent kicking and thumping from within my belly as the baby turns around in a circle. Thankfully his head is facing downwards, and sometimes his back is on my right side, sometimes on my left side, but I think that for the most part his back is forward so at least he has the right idea so far. Unfortunately my diet went completely out of the window this holiday season – while I still try to have plenty of fruits and vegetables and a varied diet, I do not hesitate to have sweets and cookies, and tonight’s dinner at Red Lobster (following a workout) was topped off with a chocolate chip cookie filled with chocolate and ice cream – a whopping 1000 calories (split among my family members).
I have also found myself becoming much more sensitive to pretty much everything – things that don’t go right, conversations with my husband, just trying to get the house in order. At least we were able to cash in one our amazon 10% discount following registry completion and pretty much have all the basic supplies we need for baby’s arrival. It is pretty amazing that today I have finally reached 37 weeks. This means that, technically, I am full term. If my baby is born today I can deliver at the birth center (finally). And I should be able to expect that his lungs would be fully mature and that he was ready to be in this world. Pretty amazing. I hope he stays in just a little bit longer – a few more weeks will do.

So far I’m still working – I have 1.5 weeks of work left, I’ve now cut down to half days. Interestingly, my half days are pretty choc full – my job is probably getting the most out of me for now since all my patients seem to be crunched into half the day. But it works out for me because at least I can get home before it gets too dark and I can rest. But each day is still super busy. Yesterday T and I went to an infant care class where I chuckled at his swaddling methods. 🙂 And we learned to diaper and all that good stuff. Today we had our gym class and dinner with the family. Tomorrow we have our last birth class session, and Thursday I have an appointment with the midwife, gym again, and a meeting with our doula. Friday I go into the City with T and hopefully get dinner with a friend!

All in all very busy times. Time for me to go to sleep as well. It is late! I’ve been downloading photos from this lovely break. So many amazing events- including my brother’s engagement to his wonderful girlfriend on Christmas morning. So many amazing events to come.