Fotos and Bag-O-Rama

So the packing of the baby birth bag is nearly complete:

As I was told by friends, it’s best not to take too many items with oneself to the birth because you may not use them. I doubt I’ll need shower shoes in the shower for instance, and I’ll probably be trekking through the birth center wearing comfy socks rather than slippers. I don’t wear slippers at home anyway! So here is the list of what I am bringing so far:

Personal Items:

  • 2 outfits (in case something gets wet – I plan to bring some Indian Kaftans to lounge around and walk in)
  • Long T shirt and Button down shirt
  • 2 pairs of underwear and nursing bra
  • Comb, Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, contact stuff and backup glasses
  • Change of clothes for T (he plans to pack this on the day of . . . )


  • Liquids – juices and propel mix, probably some tea
  • Snacks – Annie’s snacks, some granola bars, trail mix, nuts, maybe add some fruits the day of!
  • Some kind of celebration meal for post-delivery – Haven’t figured this one out yet – they suggest birthday cake. We’d love to have burgers from Harry’s or maybe some Indian samosas?
  • They said bring plenty of food!!

Baby items:

  • 3 baby blankets, baby newborn nightgown, 1 pair socks, 3 onesies/side snap, baby hat and booties, car seat and car seat cover, and Baby bunting.
  • Car seat is already installed!

Other items:

  • Camera
  • Video Camera with charged batteries
  • Music to listen to – probably ipod with audiobooks. They suggested movies in their list though they tell me that when I feel good enough that I really want to sit and watch a movie, I’ll probably be ready to go home!

I sincerely hope that this list makes sense and that it doesn’t seem like overpacking. We are leaving the cloth diapers at home – likely we will not start this up for a few days, until the meconium settles out and stools normalize. Hope the grandparents are up for it! I was told not to be excessive in items taken and I hope that this list makes sense – after all it doesn’t seem to be filling up the bag at least yet, so that is a good sign!

We also are pretty close to finishing the nursery so I thought I’d post up a series of photos of some of the broad pictures and some of the detail. It has been great fun to put it all together and today my parents visited and were very impressed with the setup. As my dad put it when he opened the closet, “My word” how much has been done so far. We feel pretty good about everything right now!  All we need at this point is the baby! . . and we have to install the curtains which are now so fashionably laying on the comfy guest bed.

A wooden bell which my brother grew up with – my red bell is broken but is still in my bedroom at home.
The closet – filled with lovely boxes to organize all!
Crib with mobile
The glider . . .and stuffed animals T bought for me
Our guest bathroom is cleaned and ready for baby, with cooshee changer all set!
Baby’s room/Guest room – still in progress but pretty darn close!