How happy am I?

Today has been my day of lauding midwifery, though as you may see it has been an ongoing theme in my posts here.  Truly, having midwives involved in my care has changed my entire approach to pregnancy, as has the involvement of doulas. It’s great to have the input of others and to finally feel empowered as I go through this. It’s amazing how different I feel and how much energy I have as I am going through my third trimester. I don’t think I’d have the same energy if I hadn’t gotten jumpstarted in terms of preparation – classes, changing care providers, and really getting the nursery in gear. I feel very excited to be reaching week 34 tomorrow.

I had my second midwife appointment today and saw Kathleen at the Birth Center. She says that the baby is in great position, head is down and back is facing forward, heartbeat is good and my fundus measures 32 centimeters. My weight has been steady but we both suspect it’s because I’ve been eating a much healthier diet during pregnancy than I did prior.  We discussed the risks and benefits of water birthing today and I decided that I would like to plan to labor in the tub and then most likely try to get out of the water for the final pushes and the actual birth. We also went over dietary intake and I learned that I’m doing pretty well with my protein intake!

It’s nearing bedtime and I’m also nearing the end of Christmas shopping. Today was a pretty marathon day of trips to Toys ‘R’ Us, the mall(s), and Internet shopping. I can’t say I got crazy deals or anything but at least everything was reasonably priced and I have most gifts for our huge family that will be coming. I tried not to go overboard, except for the shopping that I did for the kiddies . . .that is most assuredly overboard.  Here I am breaking the rule of “not spoiling” that I wanted to instill for my own children. But what else is an aunt (“Buaji” in Indian culture) there for?

2 thoughts on “How happy am I?”

  1. Aunts are made for spoiling! 😀

    The ability to labor in water and the possibility of a water birth were actually two big reasons that I investigated midwifery, myself. I didn’t get that in the end, but I still think it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  2. I’m so excited you’ve decided to go with a midwife – and that it’s been such a powerful decision for you. I’ve been reading a lot about the midwife approach to birth – even thinking about going back to school for midwifery… it seems to make so much more sense doesn’t it?

    Have you seen the business of being born….Ricki Lakes documentary? I think you can get it online…very interesting…yes, a bit Ricki Lake, but it captures a lot of the concerns I think you’re also discovering.

    Anyways…just wanted to chime in. And if you’re not sick of reading labor and delivery books – I highly suggest trying to quickly fit in Ima May’s Guide to Childbirth (by Ima May Gaskin)…It will rock your world! And hopefully make your delivery that much more incredible 🙂

    Thinking of you and T in these final days.

    Love you!

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