Getting the gear

So I attempted to type something here and all of a sudden it disappeared . .but any post needs an intro. I promised pics of the nursery so far so here they are!

The ottoman is present, though not pictured above . .  . but you will see it below . . .  Today was otherwise a productive day in terms of pregnancy purchases. After my half day at work I made it out to Media to do some important mommy shopping!  We didn’t receive the mattress we were expecting but at least at first I can show some pictures of what the nursery looks like right now . . .

First stop was at Birthmark in Media, PA, which is the closest local place where you can get nursing clothing fittings – so I got some great supplies by Medela and Bravado for those first early weeks.  Prices were fairly reasonable – I will say that these things are pretty darned expensive from the getgo!  So it’s worth trying on items and making sure you get your size right, because it’s probably changed since getting pregnant!

Afterwards I headed to the vortex of Babies ‘R’ Us and battled my way through the crowded store to return a gift I realized I didn’t like very much, then I did a little baby browsing. After “settling” on the Baby Trend Close ‘N’ Cozy Playard-which seemed to have a nice bassinet attachment that rivaled the Arm’s Reach, I ultimately shied away from it because at home I read so many reviews of the Baby Trend decrying its difficult assembly process. Oh well, back to the drawing board. I ended up going home and re-affirming my decision that the Arm’s Reach Mini was probably going to be my pick of playards! At least for now . . .

Stop #3 was a bit fortuitous as I didn’t expect to catch Inge, but the stars aligned and I was able to stop at Green Family Living to purchase some of Inge’s diapering products. She has a pretty amazing, unbelievable stash in her store – boxes upon boxes of various types of diapers, really a tremendously huge inventory. We had to make the trip fast but I plan to return a bit later to “play” and decide on diapers I may need, once baby is up and running, but I ended up getting a bunch of prefolds from her as well as wipes and covers.

So here is a rundown of my “stash” so far:

Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds (12)
Thirsties Hemp Prefold (1)
Chinese Prefold (1)
Plain cotton diapers from India (two packs)

Kissaluvs Newborn organic diaper (1)

Diaper covers:
Thirsties Duo Covers with velcro (2)
Gen-Y Cover in small (1)

Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Small Diapers (2)
Dream-Eze Small diaper Organic cotton/polyester (1)

24 Cotton flannel baby wipes
Pee Pee Tee Pees (courtesy of Rosh and Sara)
Pampers diaper holder (free stuff good times)
Wahmies diaper pail liner

Good enough to start with? I hope so! This is a pretty big stash to start with, but at least bulking up on prefolds ($2.50 each) is more economical than getting all fancy diapers. If you have further ideas, do let me know!

4 thoughts on “Getting the gear”

  1. Oh, I love me the FB Perfect Size diapers. The smalls probably won’t fit for a while, but I do tend to think it’s a little silly to get the XSmalls.

    I think it looks like a GREAT starting stash! You may end up wanting a few more covers, depending – some folks have a lot of poop get on the covers in the newborn stage – but I think it’ll definitely get you from wash to wash, and that if you like the prefolds, it’ll take you really far. 😀

    1. glad this stash looks like it will work. I forgot to mention I also have 2 snappis. i feel like i went overboard but i have seen crazier future moms. i met one very well meaning mom at my cloth diapering class who had already bought 5 lil joeys, 5 kissaluvs, and 5 bumgenius 4.0s designer edition. I was shocked since this went against all the advice I had read for beginners! Don’t want to jump the gun and spend a fortune right away. Granted the initial stash isn’t cheap but $2-15 per diaper is much less than $15-30 per diaper!

  2. Woah! You must have put everything away last night – this is the first time I’m seeing the explosion of diapers. Life is about to get way more complicated and way more cuter 🙂 Love, The Husband

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