Slow-volution of a room

Our new locale for the bookshelf
Only the desk remains (ok, and a few other things . .)

So after returning home from a pretty successful fall concert with my choir, DH and I went back to the terrible task of clearing out the future nursery.  This time our task was taking the innumerable books my husband and I have amassed over just a few years – this time from his schoolwork and my residency – and again trying to consolidate to one bookshelf. I’m nearing the completion of my CD-arrangement task, and have realized to my dismay that more than one CD seems to be missing – which is evidence to me more of my own disorganization, but I’d moved around three times after medical school without fully taking inventory of my CDs, so problems were of course bound to happen. Hopefully it looks like something is happening in this room, though I will admit it still looks pretty awful. We have yet to choose our paint color and to start painting. That will probably be our task for the weekend after Thanksgiving weekend.

As you can see hopefully things are moving up for the better. We also got our first baby shower gift this weekend – the bedding set that we were so excited about !!  Beautiful animals from Cotton Tales Design – the Paradise set.

I also made a fruit tray for today’s concert reception. I had to look up how to cut a pineapple correctly.  Lots of fun stuff on youtube to learn from, often people’s home videos from their trips to Thailand and other countries.

Learning to cut pineapple properly