Reducing Inventory

This is what I've switched over so far

So to make room for baby, DH and I each have had to make some tough decisions regarding what to keep and what to get rid of.  Throughout our marriage thus far he has borne the brunt of the sacrifices, willingly getting rid of his kitchen equipment to make room for my Kitchenaid Accolade and scads of other kitchen gadgets. He has been so kind and flexible about everything and I feel bad because I am a pack rat.

A small portion of the collection to be converted

Since childhood I have horded, stored, kept, hidden, stowed items for future use. I have various folders hidden away that I’ve had since the 9th grade, saving them intently for the next class when I’ll need them.  DH – he buys new binders for each of his new B-school classes and he’s only too willing to get rid of books. Me – discard books?  As if???  Books have been my life blood. I would say that they do come in handy to have on the shelf from time to time.  But the hour came upon me to make a sacrifice. So I have to say bye bye to my CDs. Hello to baby.

Today has been devoted to . . well, relaxation admittedly, and also re-engaging with my music collection. It’s amazing how much digitized *stuff* in my CD-obsessed world has remained estranged from the I-tunes collection. Today, they will be come one.