Very tiring day!

So I got up bright and early this morning with lots of plans in mind, and ultimately spent the entire day painting the closets. Not to fear, we bought zero VOC Olympic premium paint and have had the ventilation going all day in the house, thanks to the nice weather! And the finished product looks great. I will try to have some pictures up soon though they are admittedly unexciting. Once the closets and rooms are truly ready for baby it will be much more a dramatic difference.

Part two of the weekend is adding the kitchen to my drawing plans, and then I have to fast after 10pm tonight for my morning glucose tolerance test, and then take some of our excess stuff to the recyclers! There’s just too much to do!

I’ve attached a set of nursery mockups for perusal and commentary. As I mentioned we decided on a full-sized bed in the nursery but I put up a picture of the potential couch just for kicks and comparison. We still have to figure out where office supplies and spaces will go in the house, that is a big issue. Don’t know what we will do with the file cabinets, for example! Anyway, here is my gallery of pictures:

2 thoughts on “Very tiring day!”

  1. so, here i am again, meddling, but i think i read somewhere you asked for thoughts…..

    I think a changing table or area in the bathroom is a very good idea. you are then close to water, and dont have to carry bowls of water all over the house, as you might remember we did.
    i really wanted a changing table to hang on the wall in our bedroom in gosslerstrasse, but then, well, didnt happen. (google “wickeltisch ei” for example)

    i think your study looks cute, and comfortable for baby!
    (But will it sleep there from day one, or will it share a room with you in the beginning?)

    the bed is also a good idea, and i think you will find also comfortable for the parents in the middle of the night when the distance from nursery to own bed seems “unovercomeable”;-)

    1. Yeah baby will sleep with us at first. We are hoping to get a bassinet called the Arm’s Reach Mini, which attaches next to the bed. Cool that you had a fancy Stokke! It would be difficult for us to be able to get that one, especially with how expensive the sheet sets are too, but I loved how compact it was. I’m excited about the changer that we want because it is called a “Cooshee” and is made of a rubbery foam material that can be rinsed off or wiped easily, so doesn’t require laundering. The wall changer you mention seems like a great idea as well, though we don’t even have the wall space to accommodate one!

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