Tough to sleep

So I knew in pregnancy that sleep would be a challenge, but as my belly gets rounder I notice that even rolling over is a chore.  It doesn’t help that I have a nasty cold and am coughing like crazy – I couldn’t sing at choir practice last night. I think the frequent nighttime awakenings must be preparation for the future when the first month of life is, as my friend says “one long day.”

I definitely expect to nurse, AND we are going to go for cloth diapering. Some say I’m crazy for doing it but it helps to have friends who are using cloth diapers and have been offering encouragement.  In my frenzy to read about cloth diapers I found some awesome deals, and assume I will find more, so it’s been hard to hold back!  But I caved and I bought a few just to start looking and diapering our stuffed animals at home – so far I’ve ordered a Kissaluvs Fitted Diaper, a Dream-Eze AIO, and a few pair of babylegs (all on sale) from  They have been shipped so I am excited to be opening the mail soon!  I showed DH (“Dear Husband,” for those who don’t know mommy-blogs) a photo of my friend’s monstrously large stash of diapers and I think he is already afraid.