The "Before" picture

This veritable disaster area (which just one day ago was actually quite neat and tidy) is our soon-to-be nursery. Today DH and I spent the entirety of the day planning the future of this room and the rest of our small condo, where we soon want to be able to accommodate baby, house guests, and our office “stuff.” This is stage 1 of the transformation. After planning potential layouts of the room we made the challenging decision that we wanted to have a full-size bed in the room rather than a pull-out couch. See for yourself the difference and I’m happy to entertain feedback. We arealso trying to figure out how, with a 2-bedroom condo, to be able to have guest space and office space. Short of creatively adding an office to the living room, we are considering moving office stuff to the bedroom. Check out our initial floor plans!

Master bedroom with desk is on the left, it is crowded! Nursery is on the right and connects to guest bath which has changing pad on counter. Shelf space for baby is in the closet.

The 3-dimensional rendering of the floor plan for our condo was created in Sweet Home 3D, an open source program available for both Mac and PC. We highly recommend it! It is easy to use and definitely more reliable than web-based interior design programs like MyDeco, which despite creating fancy-looking layouts, repeatedly crashed for us.

After looking into the floor plans and such ideas for platform beds that interest us, we decided to empty out the room’s closet and use advice from the Organized Mom to revamp the room. We divided our belongings into “Keep in this room,” “Trash,” “Give away to someone else,” “Belongs to Someone else,” “Donate to Charity,” and “Belongs somewhere else in the house” and then trucked a few of our belongings to the Salvation Army and then went off to Lowe’s, where we bought some nice light paint to repaint the closet.

Painting phase - closet
One quart of paint later I see that I will be going back to Lowe’s in the morning and doing finishing touches on the closet tomorrow. Then we have to put back in what belongs in the closet, though unfortunately most of our belongings don’t belong there. Another big charge is to digitize my beloved CD collection. I’d love to keep it within arm’s reach, but our needs at this time will not allow it!

Here are some full-sized beds that looked like possibilities. We don’t want a heavy bed with huge headboard that would block the guest room window.

Night & Day Spices Thyme Bed