Holy cow! Cuteness abounds!

Dream-Eze and Kissaluv diapers
These diapers are the ultimate in cuteness. The only thing cuter will be the baby that wears these.

So my first baby diapers arrived in the mail. Yes, during my browsing I was tempted into buying a set of newborn diapers but how can you blame me? And they were a pretty good deal . . . . I got these from GoGoNatural.com and Merideth at the store was so nice she threw in an extra pair of BabyLegs with my order. Can you believe how adorable these are? the Dream-Eze All in One is on the left, and the Kissaluvs Size 0 (newborn size) is on the right. Oh so cuddly soft they are. I don’t think that my little baby will ever want to leave his comfy little diapers . . that us until they become dirty!  So that gives him about 5 minutes in one diaper, if we’re lucky!  I hear that Kissaluvs fit right from newborn age and that they wash really well, so I’m looking forward to trying them!

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